El Nido, Philippines

For Chinese New Year 2017 we decided to once again venture back to Boracay.  This was a much more coordinated effort with the Lads we met on our first trip there but also included a couple other Hong Kong friends and two of Sarahs friends from the states, Renee and Laura.

Before we headed to Boracay though Sarah and I wanted to make a small pit stop to a the northern part of the Palawan Island to a place called El Nido.  El Nido is known for its beaches, coral and what is known as the Bacuit Archipelago.  The actually El Nido town is a small backpackers town with a little bit of a funky vibe and known for not having on ATMs around.  After connecting through Manila we flew into El Nido and stayed at a little resort just north of town known as the Cadlao Resort.

We only had two nights in El Nido so spent the first day just relaxing by our pool and enjoying the sunshine.  At night we explored a bit of town grabbed some pizza and drinks and set up our excursion for the next day.


El Nido has 4 primary tours set up that are known as A,B,C or D.  We opted for a combo A&C private tour which meant we could go and explore the Secret lagoon, Large Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Secret Beach and Helicopter Island among others.  We had seen beautiful pictures from many of these places from other friends so were excited to see them in person.  Unfortunately for us, we went on a day that included lots of clouds and a bit of rain so we weren’t granted to views we had hoped for.  We still did get to see some of the beauty of the area and understand why its gaining more and more popularity.


At night we met up with other friends from Hong Kong that happened to be in El Nido at the same time.  The next day we caught our flight and headed back to Manila for a quick layover before meeting our friends for our flight to Boracay.

For Boracay see our previous post here.  It was much of the same with a couple of twists too as we celebrated Scot’s birthday on a booze cruise and decided to do a reverse slingshot.  For the most part we enjoyed the beach during the day and the beach bars are night:


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