Moorea and Bora Bora

We really can’t start discussing our SE Asia adventure and transition to Hong Kong without giving at least some pause to reflect on our other fantastic trip of 2015….our honeymoon in French Polynesia. We’ll try to be a little more concise on these and provide more detail on our later trips in terms of resorts, sights, restaurants, etc.

Moorea and Bora Bora

We got married on 5/15/15 and left the following Wednesday the 20th for much needed R&R in the pacific islands.  While we believed Hong Kong was most likely going to happen at this point there still wasn’t anything definitive so we mostly used this time just to relax and spend some time together after a couple hectic months of work schedules and wedding planning.

After a layover in LAX from Chicago we were on to Tahiti, then after hanging out at the port for a couple hours we took a Ferry to the island of Moorea.  After further waiting in the pouring rain for our driver to come pick us up and a hour drive later we finally arrived at the resort.  Once we arrived our room wasn’t quite ready so we took advantage and went to the local grocery store.  We had heard that because of the remote nature of the islands everything was expensive, especially alcohol, so we hoped to offset the resort prices by picking up some of our own snacks and booze.  Even there things were over priced but probably more manageable than we originally thought.

In Moorea we elected to go for our own private hut that included our private/somewhat secluded “plunge pool”.  During the first few days of decompression we jumped into a pretty good routine of working out in the morning, grabbing some breakfast, spending the day by pool/beach, paddleboarding then followed up with some afternoon drinks and streaming Blackhawks play-off games until it was time to figure out dinner plans.  If we remember correctly 2 nights for dinner were spent on the resort and 1 night we went for dinner at a restaurant that was basically a Veuve Cliquot advertisement.  We enjoyed the 3 nights here but we were probably more excited for our next destination, a 45 minute flight away to Bora Bora….

Flying into Bora Bora alone is a treat, you see nothing but unique shades of blue and interesting green island formations that make some semblance of a circle surrounding the major island in the middle.  Everyone that lands at the Bora Bora airport is greeted by the boats of their respective resorts and whisked away on about a 30 minute boat ride to their resort pier.  If you are going to travel all this way and plan a trip to Bora Bora chances are high you going to splurge and go for one of the Over-water Bungalows at any of the resorts.  After an initial mishap with our reservation (that resulted in some gracious perks later on) we finally settled into our Overwater Bungalow.  Here again we also made a trip into town through the resorts boat service to grab some snacks and a few bottles of wine (twice actually since on our first trip everything was closed).  When we returned to our bungalow the first of our many perks arrived which included a bottle of wine and plate of desserts (lots of macaroons).

The best part of Bora Bora is simply relaxing there.  With your own patio and sun deck you can spend most of the day, reading, listening to music and working on your tan.  If you get a little hot, just jump.  You literally will fall into the ocean and can cool off.  Even though most of our time was spent doing this we did venture out a little bit.  One day we booked a half day private tour of a motu that let us do some snorkelling and find a crab friend, another we got a free massage (one of the perks) and more macaroons.  The highlight of the excursions was definitely a 1/2 day trip that included snorkelling with sharks, feeding and petting stingrays and snorkelling with tons of colored fish in what is known as the outdoor aquarium.  A couple of nights we ate at the resort including a free romantic dinner and another night we ventured to the main island for dinner at Bloody Mary’s (a Bora Bora rite of passage apparently).  Towards the end of the trip we had so many macaroons that we ended up feeding most of them to the fishes that would swim right up under the sundeck.  All in all Bora Bora has gorgeous scenery, excellent excursions, and is a great place to escape after a few crazy months.


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